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Don’t wait until your ill to take Essiac. Maintain good health to avoid any future problems.


Getting By The Taste:         


Ok, you all know by now how wonderful Essiac tea tastes. I myself got used to it, but many haven’t. I think because of this, people are not taking the required doses. You need to in order for it to work. Good news. You can flavor and sweeten your tea to make it almost unnoticeable. Here are a few tips I have received from others.

• Mix with Pomegranate Juice or any unsweetened fruit juice.

• Sweeten with Stevia. Truvia is the same thing and can be found at your grocery store.

• If you’re just drinking Essiac for Detoxification, you can use honey or Agave Nectar which come in many flavors.


I want to stress the fact about Detoxification:       



The Facts:  The basic effects of Essiac are to rid the body of toxins and to help build the immune system. Without a strong immune system, you become susceptible to disease. In other words, Essiac rebuilds the immune system and improves the illness-defeating ability of the body so that the body can rid itself of the illness. Good news to share with family and friends


Taking Essiac for Maintenance:


 You might choose to take the maintenance dose if you are currently enjoying good health and simply wish to maintain your health. Recommended maintenance dose of essiac tea is 3-4 oz. per day, taken in either one or two doses. Most people remain on the maintenance dose in-definitely. If a health problem develops they switch to the aggressive dose.



Brewing and Storing your Essiac Tea:


I wanted to talk about brewing Essiac Tea and how I  personally do it. Don’t be confused, it’s really very simple. Here is what I found to be the easiest way  to brew and store it:


First, I start out with a large pot. I use a stainless Revere ware pot with cover. If I’m making a gallon of tea from (1) 4oz bag of dried tea, I will use a gallon of spring water plus 4oz water to make up for evaporation when cooking.


I bring the water to a boil and add the 4oz bag of tea using a whisk  to mix the tea. I found this works best. Turn the heat down to low, cover and let it simmer for about 15 minutes. Continue stirring the tea. Keep an eye on a covered pot so as not to boil over.

After 15 minutes, remove from heat and stir, getting  the tea off the sides. Let sit till cooled - usually about 6 hours. Some people like to re-boil the tea but because this is a powdered formula , it is not necessary. 


Storage is best in clean glass bottle(s) with a tight seal. A clean wine bottle works also, but a smaller container takes up less room. Some people prefer amber bottles but you’re keeping this in your refrigerator so there is no need, unless you believe the light stays on when you close the door. Hard to tell, hmmm.


There are two methods to bottling tea. Some have strained the herbs with the filter holder from your coffee machine (not a paper filter) just the metal screen. Or, just stir it up and bottle it. Both are as effective. Enjoy...


Essiac Tea will last about 2 weeks when refrigerated. It’s organic and contains no preservatives.


I hope this helps you with brewing your tea. It works for me. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. I will be glad to answer them!

[February 2011]


….. more on detoxification


 I recently received my water statement and notice the listing of stuff that’s in there. I saw Fluoride, Sodium (salt), Sulfate, Copper, Lead, Barium, Radium and a lot of stuff I can’t even pronounce. So I ask, why is all this stuff in our “safe” drinking water and how did it get there. I looked into this a little deeper into Fluoride here’s what I found.



This is listed as an added ingredient to promote strong teeth. After researching this, I found that fluoride is actually a waste product of the fertilizer industry and now scientists and federal organizations are concluding that fluoride is more of a problem then benefit. Here is a link that sums up the latest controversy. Watch the videos contained in this site. I’m sure you'll find it all very very beneficial.


Click here -  


The other components listed are standard in water since most are from run off and erosion except for the Chlorine that’s added to stop bacteria from growing. Bottled water has been known as a safer alternative but we are finding that most bottled water is filtered tap water. Dr. Mercola did a study and found out of most bottled waters, Nestles Pure Life rated the highest in purity and quality.


Other Toxins: 

Everyday our bodies are being bombarded by hundreds of toxins from what we eat and drink to the air we breathe. Our immune systems are working overtime to keep up with ridding these toxins. When our immune system becomes over worked, tired and unable to keep our bodies functioning at an optimum level, we get sick or ill. Essiac Tea will help get these toxins out of your body to keep your body’s immune system strong. This is what Essiac does best. Without a strong army behind you, you can lose the battle.

Since 1998, I have been distributing Essiac Tea. My first findings with Essiac happened when my father had been stricken with cancer. As we all know the devastating news that stops the world around you and sets everyone in a panic. That’s when you are the most venerable and the medical practice begins. After things settled a bit my brother Gary, who lives in Florida, and I decided to investigate alternative treatments. By this time, my father had received surgery, radiation and starting chemo. He looked worse after all that so we needed to get things going if we wanted to get him some relief. We had searched out many Essiac dealers but I found one nearby and that was perfect. I purchased some Essiac and got it to my brother to brew. My father was so weak in his body and mind that the doctors suggested that he go to a hospice for care since they didn’t expect him to be around much longer, so we got him there and settled. My brother would have to sneak the Essiac in every day since the hospice regulations do not allow any type of medicine other than what prescribed to him by his doctors. Upon doing so, my father had been taking Essiac for about 3 weeks and his health was improving, so much so that after about a month and a half the doctors and the staff recommended he be released and go back home. Apparently he was driving them crazy too so we knew he was feeling better. This was unusual since a hospice seemed to be one of the last stops in life. Getting home, he continued the Essiac for quite some time until his will to live had been diminished and he stopped everything. I felt very sad and also angry that he let go but that’s a personal decision we all have an option to make. After some time went by, I contacted the Essiac dealer and told him our story. He said that he hears these stories often. I was very pleased with hearing this. I shared my story with many people and most of them asked me where I can get this Essiac Tea. I talk to my dealer friend and he suggested I become a dealer and sell it them myself, so I did. One of his wishes is that I don’t overcharge for the tea. This was the wish of Rene Caisse and since he got the final Essiac Tea formula from Dr. Brusch himself that he would always honor her request. In doing so, this is why my pricing is so fair. Our herbs are always organic and fresh. Please visit my website at and see what Essiac can do for you. Please feel free to contact me, I am always willing to help. Thank you for taking the time to read my story. Eric

          Try one 4oz packet of Essiac Tea for only $11.95 plus s/h. This will brew (1) gallon (a 2 week supply) of fresh organic tea. Get started today.

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“To keep the body in good health is a duty, otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.” Buddha.

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