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I just wanted to let you know my PET scan shows the lung cancer is completely gone and the hot spot that showed up on the last PET is gone as well. I feel much more energetic and healthy. My blood work showed my trigs to be 23 (118 prior) and my cholesterol at 124 (196 prior). 'Amazing figures" per my doctor.
I had to stop drinking the Tea for a few days as I developed gastritis from drinking it on an empty stomach 3 times a day. I restarted the Tea and now drink water with it. I prefer it that way and love the strange taste.

I could go on but suffice it to say, Thank YOU and the good Lord for better health. Kenn L.

Hello Eric my friend,

My dog was diagnosed with cancer about 4 years ago. I started him and my 2 older dogs on a daily serving of Essiac tea with their morning meal. So far, knock on wood, he has not shown any further signs of cancer returning.

Thank you


I received the essiac today and just wanted to say
thank you very much. I am very satisfied and will buy from you
again and recommend you to others.

Hi Eric

I really like the tea. I drink it srtaight, without adding anything. I drink it 3 times a day about 6 oz at a time.
My lymph nodes under my jawline have been swollen for years. The first glass of tea made them tingle and deflate. They have been normal during my time with the tea. It was nice to have the swelling go down.
Thanks, Tory



My friend's mother was given 3 months to live with uterine cancer. I told my friend, who is a M.D. (internal medicine) to start her on essiac tea which she gladly did because she saw my great results...well her doctors in New York were amazed that her cancer began to disappear. My friend never mentioned that she was giving her mom the tea. She said it wouldn't be appreciated at all. Well the lady became the topic of several papers and grand rounds because the M.D's called it a "spontaneous remission." Her mom passed away 6 years later in her sleep at the age of 88 after having a fun night playing bridge with her quilting group. Needless to say my friend was so grateful for those extra years with her mom.

Paul from Tucson, Arizona writes: "Essiac Cure: I had nodular Melanoma on my finger and the doctor wanted to chop my finger off but I told them I wanted to look around first, I put them off for 2 1/2 months while I tried essiac that I found on the internet and sure enough I still have my finger and the doctor gave me a clean bill of health after I had finished. All of this started back in sept. 2005, It is now 2009 and my finger is in great shape thank you.

PS I would recomend essiac to anyone.



Joy from Denver, CO replies: "After reading your post it reminded me of my step-dad, Walt, who passed away in 03 of brain cancer. Originally it started as prostate ('98) and then progressed to bone and then to brain. He had the prostate cancer for many years and managed to keep it under control via many different methods recommendatations such as radiation implants, stricter diet protocals, those big ole crazy mushrooms that you grow and then drink in a tea - Gombocha.. I think.

In the beginning of '02 he was diagnosed as having bone cancer, so the cancer had progressed significantly. He was given a year to live. At that point, or somewhat thereafter, he began the Essiac Tea. Throughout that year he had very little pain. We were all so thankful and amazed that his pain levels were so manageable, as bone cancer is supposed to be awfully pain-filled - according to his doctors.

Sadly in the middle of that year he left off making and drinking the tea due to his father coming down sick and needing a caretaker. Within 4 months he was diagnosed with brain cancer. (I had never heard that if you leave off taking the Essiac your cancer will progress with a vengence, but that seems to be the case with my Dad too!) He passed in January of '03.

I must say that I believe in the power of essiac tea. I think it caused my Dad to have a much more pain free and liveable life during his last year. I mean he was super active until about 2 months before the end.

Please read "Calling of an Angel" by Gary Glum. It's an interesting book that describes the origin of Essiac tea. There are lots of people out there who want to capitalize on essiac, but they are not doing/selling it the way Rene (the discoverer) would have done it. Never use a tincture. You must use the dried herbs and follow Rene's recipe!

May God bless you in your search for healing!"



I am happy to tell you all that the ct-scan I had on Tuesday revealed good news on the battle against my cancer. The tumor has shrunk dramatically or disappeared altogether. It will take time to find out for sure. There is scar tissue in both lungs from the radiation treatments which will gradually diminish. As this happens we will be able to tell if the tumor is gone. The cancer in the lymph nodes between my lungs appears to be gone. The spot on my upper right lung appears to be gone. My doctor told me, "This is really good news for you Dave, you are definitely in remission, you deserve it". Now one more test. Next month we look into my trachea and see if that cancer is gone. So I am not cured yet, but every time I have a big diagnosis day at the doctor, I have gotten good news. I can't ask for anymore. Hope you all are all well.



A few months ago my little 4 1/2 pond Yorkshire Terrier began losing weight and seemed to be having trouble eating. I took him to the veterinarian and was told he had inoperable cancer of the tongue and there was nothing that could be done. We went home with no medicine and no follow-up visit because there was no hope.

I started feeding him meat baby food with an eye dropper and listened to him cry in pain. I was desperate for some relief for him. One day I heard about the cancer-fighting benefits of essiac tea. I began giving him the tea twice a day with his meals. In two days, he stopped crying.

Now after three months on the tea, he is again able to eat by himself and feels well enough to follow me everywhere he can. The cancer on his tongue seems to be gone and although the vet told me that mouth cancers usually travel to other parts of the body, I have not found evidence of any. He even sleeps all night without pain and crying.

Tori A


Eric, this is the stuff I took when I was sick - it is amazing and worked wonders!!!!!!

~Britt G.


03/25/2009: Susan from Inland Empire, Ca writes: "My mother had lung cancer back in 1995. She was given essiac tea from Canada as a cure for her cancer. It was only avialble from Canada back then. She prepared it as the direction requestions, where everything had to be sterile. She drank it as the directions told. She was also under a doctors care being trated with chemo, blood transfusions. She did not tell her doctor that she was consuming this tea. I remember sitting with her at one appointment when her doctor said the tumor was shrinking and how amazed he was. We looked at each other and just smiled. We knew it was the tea and not the chemo or tranfusions that was shrinking the tumor. One warning was given to her back then, which to this day I don't understand. If you stop drinking it, the cancer will come back even more fast and furious. She stopped drinking the tea because she thought her life insurance for her kids would be less if she lived any longer. Her cancer progreesed quicker and entered her brain until she passed in the hospital Monday morning Columbus Day. I believe it did help shrink the tumor and would have kept her alive for a normal life span, but think she needed to wean off the tea rather stop it so abrubtly."


04/08/2009: Pat from W. Springfield, PA/USA writes: "My husband was diagnosed with chronic myeloid leukemia, and put on the drug Gleevec. Over the next year, he came down with pneumonia three times. So after doing a little research, I started giving him 5 ounces of essiac tea a day as well as 12,000 mg of vitamin C a day (4 tablets with each meal). It's been three years since he started taking essiac, and he hasn't had pneumonia or even a cold since then. Also he had growths on his saliva gland that completely disappeared without any medical treatment, and his doctor said his leukemia is in remission."


08/15/2009: Cheryl from Davenport, Iowa writes: "I have discovered that essiac tea, a known cancer cure from the Ojibwa Canadian natives, and cures baldness and gets rid of grey hair in some cases. It causes one's hair to grow back in it's original color (if bald or grey both man and beast.)

Essiac tea also cured several friends of mine from Cancer, and put them in remission. I tryed it on my 13 year old female collie (Lassie) as she has vistibular syndrome, and a brain tumor is suspected. Her hair was thining and lightened up to a apricot, despite the vitamines and KD diet she was on. So I put her on Essiac Tea, and some of the centeral vistibular symptoms vanished, her blind eye streightened right around and now she can see out of it, her thinning hair grew back in sable red, and became very thick, the way it was when she was young. She no longer appears to be dying, but it appears as if she has turned around she she has beat this "death gene!" Essiac has been known to cure a few other ailements such as ackne, skin problems, and diabetis.

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